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Automated loading of your cutting machine with rods/pipes

The automated loading of your cutting machine relieves your highly qualified employees, whereby additional potential to increase your production’s efficiency and productivity is created, and costs are thus ultimately reduced.

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The cutting machines of today – for the drives of tomorrow

Stators are the heart of every electric motor. Metallographic cuts of hairpin stators represent a new challenge for quality assurance. It is clear that SilverCut’s flexible cutting machines are more than equal to this task too.

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Professional partners get things moving

Robots – in this case those programmed by our sister company Sampas GmbH – are ideal for the automation of cutting machines. They not only load and unload but also perform other tasks such as deburring or turning of workpieces.

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A universal tool for a multitude of separation tasks

Our new MN-400 A3 S wet cutting machine allows for the creation of metallographic test sections and the cutting of bar materials. It is suitable for use both in production and quality  assurance – for greater economy and efficiency!

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Not all cutting discs are alike.

This was also the conclusion reached by a well-known automotive supplier who will rely on SilverCut cutting discs in the future. These discs are specially adapted to each application and stand out due to their increased service life.

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Wet cutting machine CNS-800 SD with large work area

SilverCut has many years of experience in the preparation of large, small and medium components for metallurgical testing. We have developed our wet cutting machine CNS-800 SD with a large work area especially for large components such as gears, turbine blades and drive parts for wind turbines.

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Dry cutting machine with automatic coil feed

The use of coils when processing steel cables offers considerable pricing and consequently economic advantages: the elimination of trim cuts and remnants, major storage and handling advantages, compact coil storage etc. Our RST-350 dry cutting machine is now available with a fully automatic coil feed.

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Automatic parting with CBN or diamond cutting discs

Our high-quality CBN or diamond cutting discs are particularly suited to parting hard metals and special materials, such as carbon or glass fibres.
Settings for our VN-300 Z wet cut-off machines can be entered via a teach-in procedure. Speeds at start-up and on exiting are infinitely variable.

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Inclined loader for
RS 350N Servo

to automate the machine feeder unit.

This is to inform you that we have upgraded our RS-350N Servo series with an inclined loading system which includes segregation of the workpieces and fully automates the infeed unit of the cutting machine. The control and the monitoring of the inclined loading system as well as the infeed unit have been included in the machine control.

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Cutting-off machines now also available with OMRON control

We want to keep you updated regularly in future about current SilverCut topics, innovations and projects. The topic covered in the first issue are the advantages to be gained by fitting your cutting machine with an OMRON control system.

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