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Add-on system to the RSP-400 N series

Automated loading and feeding of your workpieces

With this add-on system, we are giving you the opportunity to automate the workpiece loading and feeding of your RSP-400 N series machine and thus to make your personnel deployment more efficient. The add-on system consists of a chain conveyor with transfer station and fully automatic feed.


Your benefits:

  • Ideal for supplying and buffering round bars as well as flat and guide rails
  • Damage-free transfers thanks to the integrated transfer station
  • Accurate cutting length determination thanks to the integrated linear feed unit
  • Control and monitoring functions are integrated into the machine control
  • The inclined bed loader is loaded manually or by crane
  • Protection against interventions in the danger zone: operating side with a light grid, back with a protective fence

Chain conveyor:

  • For round bars with diameters of 10 mm – 40 mm as well as flat and guide rails of 10 mm – 40 mm
  • 20 loading spaces (length approx. 6 000 mm)
  • The transfer station lifts the workpiece from the loading space and transfers it to the feed unit via a driven belt

Feed unit:

  • With an integrated linear feed unit (servo-linear axis of approx. 7 000 mm)
  • With an integrated stainless steel tank for coolant return


Thanks to our integration into the PÜTZ GROUP and the resulting synergy effects we are able to offer you not just production and specialist cutting-off machines but also the appropriate testing technology to test surfaces as well as for dimensional accuracy.

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