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History - SilverCut


Foundation of the company by Wilhelm Silbermann in Mosbach as a general machine fitter. Production of the concrete beam machine "Rapid" for hollow block production.


Takeover of the company by Hans Silbermann sen. Production of water meters and bottle washers for the cellar industry.


Takeover of the company by Dipl. Ing. Hans Silbermann. General mechanical engineering, supplier of the company Mannheimer Motorenwerke with complex welded parts. The company obtained the big welding certificate. Construction of the first casting machines and production of the first parting machines. The parting machines were sold under the name KANI and many well-known companies in Germany and abroad still rely on the proven technology from Mosbach today.


Relocation of Hans Silbermann GbR to the new premises in Mosbach-Neckarelz.


Transformation of the company Hans Silbermann GbR into Dipl. Eng. Hans SIlbermann GmbH


Collaboration with LECO Corporation in St. Joseph, USA. This took over the worldwide distribution of the Silbermann parting machines in the field of destructive material testing. The machines were distributed under the label LECO.


Renaming of the Silbermann-KANI series to the new product name SilverCut parting machines.


Hans Silbermann GmbH became SilverCut - Silbermann GmbH.


Acquisition of the company SilverCut - Silbermann GmbH by the Pütz Group and continuation under the new name SilverCut GmbH.


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