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Cutting-off machines now also available with OMRON control

Flexible. Simple. Safe
(2-channel safety control).

In addition to the proven Mitsubishi control, SilverCut now also offers machines with OMRON control technology. The benefits are clear.


Your advantages:

+  Software updates, installations, the loading or saving of cutting programs or parameters
    for servo and frequency inverters are possible via a USB stick or SD card.

+  A standard network cable makes having a programming adaptor unnecessary.

+  Very short cycle times make for improved responsiveness of the contact pressure control.

+  Assign different user rights. The machine‘s operation can be locked via the password

+  The touch panel generates a web interface via which the machine can be adjusted and
    controlled from a computer station on the company network.

+  All instructions and error messages are displayed in plain text. Easier troubleshooting
    increases machine availability.

+  Tamper-proof PLC control: The latest safety standard
    (2-channel safety control).

Optional: A remote maintenance router allows for easy diagnoses and maintenance
    via the Internet.


Fig. 1: Password-protected set-up menu

for travel paths, maximum speed and end positions

Fig. 2: Display of all parameters

for the selected cutting program

Fig. 3: Help menu

for all machine functions



Thanks to our integration into the PÜTZ GROUP and the resulting synergy effects we are able to offer you not just machines and equipment for the beverage industry, but also the appropriate testing technology.


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