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Optional equipment for our hydraulic dry cutting machine RST-350

Automatic Coil Feed


The use of coils offers considerable advantages for the processing of steel cables. That‘s why we offer you the opportunity, to equip our RST-350 dry cutting machine with a fully automatic coil feed.

In combination with our customised feed and discharge units, the result is a highly efficient separation system with short cycle and separation times of just a few seconds. The system can be operated fully automatically, which reduces the costs per cut to a minimum.

This makes trimming and cutting even more economic!

All machines in this series are certified with the CE mark in accordance with EC Directive 2006/42EG.

Your benefits:

  • Elimination of trim cuts and remnants
  • Major storage and handling advantages
  • Flexible applications thanks to various cut-off lengths
  • Separately controlled walking beam
  • Automatic control of the coil and gripper feed
  • Integrated disc balancing monitoring
    for constant circumferential speeds of the cutting disc, even when worn
  • All feed parameters are adjustable
    during the cutting process
  • Quick changes and easy adjustments of the clamping shells
    to different workpiece cross sections

Technical details:

Cross-sectional size of the parts to be clamped10 – 20 mm
Cutting disc sizesup to max. Ø 350 mm
Drive power7,5 kW
Variable speed control63 – 80 m/s
Gripper feed with integrated feed unithydraulically controlled
Ready to connect todust extraction and exhaust systems
Discharge channel (optional)for depositing workpieces

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