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Cutting Wheels Are Unlike One Another

Cutting wheels are divided into wet and dry cutting wheels:

  • Resin bonded cutting wheels are a natural product consisting of about 200 different corundum types and different kinds of linkage
    e.g. for high quality steel and special alloys, soft or hardened steel, soft or hardened aluminum.
  • Rubber bonded cutting wheels can cut quickly and nearly free of burrs
    e.g. for cobalt chrome, other refractory materials and special steel.
  • CBN cutting wheels made from cubic boron nitride, sintered on special steel
    e.g. for steel and alloys.
  • Diamond cutting wheels, sintered on special steel
    e.g. for carbon and glass fiber as well as ceramic and glass, hard metal and carbide.

SilverCut provides exactly the right cutting wheel for your scope of application.  Cutting speed about ca. 63-100 m/s.
Dry cutting wheels are selected according to the use case.

Coolant: water with "synthetic anticorrosive" (free of oil)
SilverCut-Domofluid, concentration 3-4% of the coolant.

SilverCut Cutting Wheels

Cutting wheels from SilverCut are specially designed for our machines and therefore offer an outstanding price-performance ratio in terms of cutting results and service life.
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