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About Us

Our Profile: Cutting Starts Where Sawing Ends

SilverCut has more than 40 years of experience in separation technology. We are a partner for the industry in the areas of metallographic test cutting and cutting machines for tailoring workpieces like guiding rails, pipes, ball bearing screws, worm gears, medical implants or precision casting inserts.

Our cutting machines, cutting materials, and cutting tools allow for a quick, efficient, and safe treatment of different materials:

  • hardened steel
  • high tensile steel
  • cast iron
  • stainless steel
  • aluminum
  • carbide metal
  • glass fiber reinforced plastics
  • and many more

Our Standard: Company Guideline and ISO Certification

We are in close contact with our suppliers. Here we prefer to work with local companies in our region. That is eco-friendly, strengthens the industrial location, and ensures quality.

SilverCut is certified by the renowned certification center DQS according to ISO 9001:2015. This guarantees a constant high quality of the machines for the customers ensured by in-house documentation.

Company Guideline

We supply our customers with economic machines and systems for cutting various materials.

With innovation in mind and market-driven products, we want to run the company in a customer-oriented way. This means that our customers should profit from our products and services giving them a competitive advantage.
Through continuous growth, satisfied customers as well as high-quality products and services, we secure the company and jobs for the future.

With our business partners, we strive for a balanced and fair relationship and maintain long-term and solid relations.

We are committed to the entrepreneurial goal of generating sufficient profit, which allows us to safeguard the existence and development of the company and to enable an appropriate return on the capital invested. We will plan our resources and use them effectively.
The executives are responsible for the vision and strategy within their area and enable their implementation. Through their decision-making powers, they are responsible for the economic success in their area.
Our company employs committed and qualified employees. We promote the professional and personal development of our employees and actively involve them in the improvement of our work processes. With our occupational safety, we ensure the safety of our employees. Likewise, we internally cultivate an open communication, characterized by trust, fairness, and reliability.

The requirements of the international quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 are supposed to form the basis for the quality system of our company. The quality management system implements the quality policy and quality goals in the company.

Our Portfolio: From Compact Hand Lever Cutting Machines to Fully Automated Production Plants

With our serial cutting machines we offer our customers solutions for nearly all processes. Our portfolio includes:

  • Sectioning and cutting machines for bar materials
  • Metallographic test cutting machines
  • High-speed dry abrasive cutting machines and plants
  • Chop cutting machines
  • Periphery like feed and delivery systems or measuring devices
  • Clamping devices and cutting wheels

Tests and presentations are always possible in our test lab. We gladly consult with you about the best machine for your purpose.

Our Custom Solutions: Special Purpose Machines

We develop individual solutions and adjust them to our customers’ needs. Our special purpose machines offer solutions for different use cases. Steel and foundry industry can combine the techniques of our serial machines in an innovative way. Please make use of our technical counseling. We gladly consult with you about the choice of techniques so your tasks are completed in an efficient and safe way.

Our History

From 1924 to today. From the first concrete beam machine, to the first cutting machine, and to the worldwide supplier of cutting systems and partner of metallography.
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SilverCut became a Pütz Group subsidiary in Juli 2018.

Our Partner for the Steel and Pipe Industry: Cooperation with Braun Maschinenfabrik

Big cutting plants up to 600kW driving power in the steel industry – the serial Braun-SilverCut cutting machines with a cutting wheel diameter between 200mm and 800mm are a valuable addition to our portfolio.
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